Mask Detection

SDK.detect_mask(self: tfsdk.SDK, tf_image: tfsdk.TFImage, face_box_and_landmarks: tfsdk.FaceBoxAndLandmarks)Tuple[tfsdk.ERRORCODE, tfsdk.MASKLABEL, float]

Detect if there is a mask on the face in the given image.


The ERRORCODE, the tfsdk.MASKLABEL and a float indicating the probability that no mask is detected.

SDK.detect_masks(self: tfsdk.SDK, chips: List[tfsdk.TFFacechip])Tuple[tfsdk.ERRORCODE, List[tfsdk.MASKLABEL], List[float]]

Detect whether the faces are wearing a mask or not. This batch processing method increases throughput when using GPU inference.


chips – A list of tfsdk.TFFacechip on which to run mask detection.


The ERRORCODE, list of tfsdk.MASKLABEL, and a list of floats indicating the probability that no mask is detected.

class tfsdk.MASKLABEL


MASK : There is a mask on the face.

NO_MASK : There is no mask on the face.