License Validation

After initialization of the SDK, you must set your license token and ensure validity using the following functions. Once you have set your license, then proceed to the Input Image section on the left.

SDK.set_license(self: tfsdk.SDK, license_key: str) bool

Sets and validates the license token. Need to call this method before being able to use the SDK.


license_key - The license token (if you do not have this talk to


bool - Whether the given license token is valid.

SDK.is_licensed(self: tfsdk.SDK) Tuple[bool, int]

Check if the license key is valid.

  • bool - Is the token valid.

  • int - Number of days remaining for the license key.

static SDK.get_device_fingerprint() str

Obtain the unique fingerprint for the current device. The fingerprint is used to generate a hardware locked token.


str - The fingerprint as a string.

static SDK.get_GPU_UUID() str

Obtain the GPU UUID(s). The GPU UUID(s) are used to generate a GPU locked token. Note, this function can only be run on the GPU SDK, otherwise it will throw an exception.


str - The GPU UUID(s).