Eye glasses Detection

SDK.detect_glasses(self: tfsdk.SDK, tf_image: tfsdk.TFImage, face_box_and_landmarks: tfsdk.FaceBoxAndLandmarks) Tuple[tfsdk.ERRORCODE, tfsdk.GLASSESLABEL, float]

β€œDetect if there are eye glasses on the face in the given image.

  • tfsdk.ERRORCODE - The error code.

  • tfsdk.GLASSESLABEL - The predicted tfsdk.GLASSESLABEL output.

  • float - The glasses score. The glasses score can be used for setting a custom threshold that works better for the use case. By default, we use a glasses score greater than 0.0 to determine that glasses were detected.

class tfsdk.GLASSESLABEL


GLASSES : There are glasses on the face.

NO_GLASSES : There are no glasses on the face.