Spoof Detection

ErrorCode Trueface::SDK::detectSpoof(const FaceBoxAndLandmarks &faceBoxAndLandmarks, SpoofLabel &result, float &spoofScore, float threshold = 0.5)

Detect if there is a presentation attack attempt.


error code, see ErrorCode.

  • [in] faceBoxAndLandmarks: FaceBoxAndLandmarks returned by detectFaces() or detectLargestFace().

  • [out] result: the predicted results for the face image.

  • [out] spoofScore: the probability that the image is a spoof attempt (1 indicates real image, 0 indicates spoof attempt).

  • [out] threshold: the spoof score threshold above which it is considered a spoof attempt.

enum Trueface::SpoofLabel

Results from spoof detection


enumerator REAL

The face image is real

enumerator FAKE

The image may be an attempted spoof