ErrorCode Trueface::SDK::detectBlink(float &leftEyeWinkScore, float &rightEyeWinkScore)

Estimate score for eye blink.

Optimal score threshold for distinguishing between open and closed is 0.4 in normal use and 0.1 in low light environments.

  • [out] leftEyeWinkScore: score indicating the left eye is open (0 is closed, 1 is open).

  • [out] rightEyeWinkScore: score indicating the right eye is open (0 is closed, 1 is open).


error code, see ErrorCode.

Use the following guidelines for best performance:

  • Camera should see frontal view of the face

  • The eyes should be looking directly into the camera

  • The face should be 1 - 2 ft from the camera

  • Recommended 640 x 480 resolution or better

  • Ensure there is good lighting illuminating the eyes

../_images/blink_detection_distance.png ../_images/blink_detection_lighting.png